Thanks to its mild climate, which is warm and hot most of the year,and attracts foreign tourists with its maritime, natural and historical richness.And besides the possibilities they can offer, besides the sea and its nature,There are a lot of important places to visit the history.Milattan before 1405Side antique city estimated to be established; Columned street, columned porticos, nymphaeum fountain,Agora, gymnasium, theater, temples and aqueducts, opposite the agrin of the Roman devine
The Side Museum, which was restored in 1961, is located at 950 meters from DenizThe Selge Ancient City, which was founded at a height, the well preserved theater of the ancient city,Stadiums, gymnasiums, temples, fountains, agora, water cisterns, sarcophagi, tomb monuments and necropolis,The Aspendos Theater, built in the 2nd century and attracting attention with its acoustics,The ancient city of Seleukela which was established for the purpose of protection, has two-storey agora, basilica,
Cisterns and sewerage systems that are worth seeing in antiquity and historical values.

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